Baisci , truly the real education comes from application of resources with least or none possiblity of havoc yet social cues were made to create the idea of good looking generation without telling what it meant , taxes & charity were everlasting gifts of rule , sympathy and attribution got there place in rewritten books , so even knowing what is falsified & live with it isn’t much a concern just what could the personal self be in next years, with that promise nations were made & creative mindset with in the possessions of all grey areas , made the truth of insuring of your own downfall an aspect of trust which ruled the happily till rich & prospered

So when and where it happened is a knowledge to have what and when it would happen is a sight to yet gain

Drunken spark

The time was of before when things were simple as like you went to a bar talk with the bartender they I’ll treat you as you are & somehow the answer is obvious as that you must have done it already, things are now better, life can be lived as an imaginary stance , economics is of greater virtue than it ever was , life in civilisations depends on it , so when had this thought of f becoming the money man & still be at peace well it’s the same thing if dealt accordingly, so to praise the High God , roots of everything, the air around , afterwards they’ll figure some way to forget your mishaps,ingnorance also unnecessary innocence , putting life to worthy cause would help or maybe just live up to the full potential call it whatever cause that the best , so if there is anything such as forgiveness should be reasonable , justifying cheating, treachery ,lies is all of low ominisense , don’t acknowledge . What’s the probability of that one of being not like others , that’s a hard say if possible they can ever know , so even if lies let there be no truth & make your lies so beautiful that they happen to promise eternity and constantance , where the beliefs are uttered words . Such continuity derives sense of better future, and then living forever

When child sees the world for first time it what surrounds ,the more the merrier senses will create fiction, reality, imagination

Imtrest will be obvious from starts , may well be numerous and then to live it all by passing hurdles of present world to become a worthy personal to have future, nuns and strippers will sing the songs of freedom

As they are who they want to be & will be whatever they like .if talk evil a potent poison will be valued cause of it’s significance of superiority ,no matter the works of when thy self is great

Forget a name , person ,thing ,place and then wonder in nature

What hold would it be to be so smart , seeing a beautiful better world like the first time ,

Ever , really would like wonder is if that beyond of space would look like some Galaxy gardens or the imagination of heavenly bodies , the most to approach and endure is always desire ,greed which is good in xenrtain self profiting stances . When you think of yourself in every self and have a feel of that greatness in heart , what the world you would have where you are God .

Forever & ever

Knowing the utmost truth is of life ,living & death , evolution in desires gives continuation to aspects of not thinking of eventual ends , so all that you have accepted as your actions were the cause , never feel bad of what has happened if you’re still true in heart , suffered may you have been by deceptions of moral enemies ,you lost someone or somebody lost you think like that & then priortize ,even if try hard some emotions or thoughts of something will still leave a lasting image over your persona & made you a different person well that happens even in the events of memory loss the subconscious knows what is that what makes you , the respect you can give a women is and women to her man & mostly to parents is a deeper and conceptual lifestyle yet in end after all the uncommon of live , you will be the one to carry your weight to end , so if you didn’t understand anything above it’s just to simplify that you should be the most important person of your life , selfish yes . Now to give some and all means to your there is no relying , your desires must full filled at all costs leave no such thing as a regret cause death doesn’t grant a last wish happiness is a trade of choices & acceptance & who cares for happily ever after when the real thing could happily forever , if it’s sounds imaginary cause your circumstances would not of help , but other than you had this thought of people mostly children suffering crisis of food , shelter and a chance of having a life of desires not being bound by empowering artifice that oppresses life , if you have any ideas or help in anyway that those angels could get away not everyone gets a normal life yet not wants a normal life , so where the growth is or is really all fated ?